Saturday, January 26, 2013

illustration - hsiao-ron cheng

Cheng has only been in freelance illustration for a year, but her
work seems far beyond that.  She is inspired by childhood
memories mixed with dreams mixed with things she sees each
day.  Many of her pieces come from a conversation she had
with a little girl who drew big heads and scars and said, "They
all get hurt because their heads are too big so they bump
together...  Tiny people live here, the big head is their room."
Those few phrases turned into great stories in digital paint.

She starts a project with a sketch, then layers on mood, and
details one at a time.  She starts with small things, small
stories and connects them together to create a work of art.
She says she spends lots of work time just staring, removing
little flaws...   Sounds a lot like writing.

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