Thursday, January 17, 2013

from unexpected places - kate fichard

I've mentioned this before, and I'm doing it again because I
think it's a fun exercise....  If your character had to be
represented through a series of objects, what would they be?
These photos by Fichard are fun examples of the exercise -
a person represented by things.

This is my record player.  It works with batteries.  Actually,
it belongs to my little brother Lionel.  I left him a note.  Do
you like music?..  This is my favorite record album.  My
godmother gave it to me for my birthday.  She lives in France.
These are my books.  I like stories with magic powers in them.
either in kingdoms on earth or on foreign planets.  Also, time
travel, if they make it realistic.  Usually, I prefer a girl hero,
but not always.  I couldn't bring all of them because it got too
heavy.  You can borrow any you want.  I also brought my
lefty scissors because I'm left-handed, my toothbrush, some
rubber bands, extra batteries, and my binoculars, as you know.
I forgot my comb.

That's it?  No mess kit?  no flashlight?  No canteen?
- Moonrise Kingdom, Screenplay by Wes Anderson

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