Friday, November 9, 2012

the well written - steven millhauser

One sunny morning I woke and pushed aside a corner of the blinds. 
Above the frosted, sun-dazzled bottom of the glass I saw a brilliant blue
sky, divided into luminous rectangles by the orderly white strips of
wood in my window.  Down below, the backyard had vanished.  In its
place was a dazzling white sea, whose lifted and immobile waves would
surely have toppled if I had not looked just then.  It had happened
secretly, in the night.  It had snowed with such abandon, such fervor,
such furious delight, that I could not understand how that wildness of
snowing had failed to wake me with its white roar.

- Steven Millhauser, "Snowmen"

By Rikke Skovgaard

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