Friday, November 2, 2012

from unexpected places - fairy tale posters

These are designed by Christian JacksonPosters like these 
always challenge me to try it the other way:  If one of these was
an image of a partially peeled orange, what would be the story?
What the pictured element was a heart-shaped patch of blue
plaid fabric?  Or prison bars, two of them painted yellow?  

Christian's thoughts on creativity:  "When I have creative idea it
will nag at me until I give it some attention.  So I express it, then I
move on to something else.  Sometimes it works out in my favor
(like this poster series) and sometimes it's just nonsense.  I take
every idea that I have seriously.  Nothing is too small because, in
my mind, there is no such thing as a small idea, only ones that 
have yet to be fully realized." (Via MyModernMet)

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