Tuesday, September 25, 2012

illustration - rebecca green

Rebecca Green's work is absolutely incredible.  It's real life bumping up
against the borders of whimsy and magic.  If you check out her Society6
page, she often gives little anecdotes as to what inspired various pieces...
Like a friend's mother who owned an accordion to big to be held, or
the world's largest collection of toys being put up for sale, or a violinist
she watched on the street once.  Any of these is perfect material for a
short story or two.

Words from Rebecca -
I love stories.  I love small drawings that contain a lot of life.  I spend a lot
of time just watching out for little details in people, old buildings and
architecture, animals, colors, all that.  When I get an artist block, I take a
break from my studio and look at other people’s work.  That usually fires
something.  (via Ric Evans)

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