Saturday, September 29, 2012

from the screen - looper

Thank you to Looper (and writer Rian Johnson) for a sci-fi film that
takes itself seriously.  And takes its audience's intelligence seriously.
The screenwriting, acting, themes, and more were absolutely amazing.

Quotes from Rian:
One thing all my favorite sci-fi has in common is that it always uses the
sci-fi elements to amplify very human emotions, themes and characters,
and not the other way around. Ray Bradbury was the first sci-fi author I
was ever exposed to as a kid, and is still for me the most masterful example
of using outlandish sci-fi concepts that have nothing to do with our real
lives to get at stuff that strikes right to the heart of our lives. Characters are
hugely important to me when I'm writing, so that naturally ends up being
what leads the whole process.

When I’m writing I’m big into structure and outlining, so I’ll spend the
first 80 percent of the process working in notebooks and working out the
big picture in a space where I can see it. I love connections, I love seeding
stuff in that’s going to pay off later, and figuring out ways to do that in
ways that make sense and feel organic. All that stuff, including the smoking
thing with Emily, was baked into the script. But obviously it’s all got to
serve the character, showing that she had a past she’s given up, that she
misses and thinks about.  (Via Writers Guild of America)

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