Sunday, December 23, 2012

illustration - the well written - a dose of holday

Below are offerings from deviant artists spanning many genres -
fantasy, science fiction, high fantasy, adventurer, and even a
little horror.  Enjoy and happy holidays!

Something woke him up – a strange noise in the living room.
For a moment he lay in bed wondering if Santa Claus might
have come, but then he remembered it was still three days until
Christmas.  Still, he could definitely hear something moving, a
kind of quiet fluttery sound.   His brothers were both sprawled in
boneless, little-boy sleep across the mattress they shared, so he
climbed carefully over them and made his way out to the living
room.  At first he saw nothing more unusual than the small
Christmas tree on top of the coffee table, but as he stared, his
eyes trying to get used to the dark, he saw the tree was…moving?
Yes, moving, the top of the pine wagging like a dog’s tail.
- Tad Williams, The Sugarplum Flavor

Myth became life. No one really believed in the Santaman until
he came with his tattered red robe and his dripping red sword. No
one really believed in his undying love until he burst into our
direst need to carve us a new home from the bones of the world.

We looked up at the whistle of his wolf-stallion. “Why do you
weep and whimper?” the Santaman asked from the back of his
mount.  “We whimper for the end of our world,” one of us said.
- Ken Scholes, If Dragon's Mass Eve be Cold and Clear

By Guilherme Maueler

By Andrew Mar

By Mr. Sith Zam

By Aaron Jasinski

By Toshio Ebine

By Kacey Schwartz

By Robin Morgan Knurft

By Toshio Ebine

By Luke Mancini

By Blok Magnaye

By Marilena Mexi

By Lek Chan

By Atomhawk Design

By Lynton Levengood

By James Zapata

By Anastassia Grigorieva

By Pascal Campion

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