Monday, February 4, 2013

illustration - kristin vestgard

Kristin's work is full of melancholy atmosphere, some misty
fantasy meant for lavish words.  Her characters come from
ice, ivy, flowers, wind, and stars.  I love, love, love these
people, whoever they are.  The mood reminds me of the stories
of Elizabeth Hand.  A quote to illustrate:

[Her face] was gray.  Not a living gray, like hair or fur, but a
dull, mottled color, the gray of dead bark or granite.
And not just her face but her hands and arms: everything I could
see of her that had been skin, now seemed cold and dead as the
heap of fireplace rocks downstairs.  Her clothes drooped as
though tossed on a boulder, her hair stiffened like strands of
reindeer moss.  Even her eyes dulled to black smears, save for a
pinpoint of light in each, as though a drop of water had been
caught in the hollow of a stone.

- Elizabeth Hand, Errantry, "Winter's Wife"

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