Wednesday, October 31, 2012

photo stories - halloween edition

And 11 photos to inspire more Halloween stories...
along with some well-written All Hallow's Eve-ish snippets.

There were days when no kid came out of his house without looking
around. The week after Halloween had a quality both hungover and
ominous, the light pitched, the sky smashed against the rooftops.
― Jonathan Lethem, The Fortress of Solitude

But I can think of nothing on earth so beautiful as the final haul on
Halloween night, which, for me, was ten to fifteen pounds of candy, a
riot of colored wrappers and hopeful fonts,snub-nosed chocolate bars
and Sweetarts, the seductive rattle of Juicyfruits and Good & Plenty
and lollipopsticks all akimbo, the foli ends of mini LifeSavers packs
twinkling like dimes, and a thick sugary perfume rising up from the
― Steve Almond, Candyfreak: A Journey through the Chocolate Underbelly of America

She picked up a knife and headed toward the pumpkin.  Alex watched
miserably as she went to cut the top off.  Then a strange, awful thing
happened: As she touched the pumpkin, holding it steady with one hand,
it began to glow softly.  She lifted her hand away, looking at the pumpkin
with concern.  The glow lit her apron orange.  She lowered the knife and
it grew even brighter.  She looked, mystified, at the pumpkin.
She said to Alex, "You didn't get this at Ferguson's, did you?"
- M.T. Anderson, "Just Dessert", The Chronicles of Harris Burdick

By Malinda Fisher

By Kelley F.

By Firda Beka

By Ann McGarry

By Katherine Squier

By Mac Oda

By Elisabeth Dare

By Natalie Kucken

By Catherine

By Unknown

By Sabrina M.

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