Wednesday, August 22, 2012

illustration - adam oehlers

Adam Oehlers is so filled with stories, he's known for working on them into the
wee hours of the night and they end up coming out as not only illustrations, but
also written words.  Here's what Adam says of his storytelling process:

Normally [the creative process] will start with a segment of a story, an image of
a character and a situation and as I am working on the piece the story will slowly
come together until there is an entire history of the character. So the Story and
the first illustration will slowly developed at the same time. If I’m really excited
about the idea Ill move onto a second and third illustration and with each one the
story will develop more and more. Unfortunately I very rarely write them down,
I might scribble the ideas in my note book and some of them will be more detailed
than others but I’ve only ever written down and completed two of my stories.

And some interesting thoughts on the relationship between story and illustration:

I try to not tell too much of the story with my illustrations. I like to capture a
moment, not necessarily the main event but the moment before, or a realization
that the character has. Such as that calm moment before a storm where the viewer
can see something is about to happen but they’re not sure what. Then the text is
there to describe the event. I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with the
relationship between text and image.  (via Invurt)

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