Monday, June 4, 2012

from the screen - snow white and the huntsman

It's always interesting to read an early version of a film script, and then go to the movie and
see what was changed.

By Nicoletta Ceccoli

Here are just a few changes I noticed from Snow White and the Huntsman,
screenplay by Evan Daugherty:

Script - The Huntsman and Snow have a whole montage where he teaches her how to fight and survive in the dark forest.
Screen -The Huntsman only shows Snow one move, the move that she uses to kill the queen in the end.  Otherwise, we have no explanation for Snow's skills.

Script - The prince is presented as wimpy, whiny, and over protective.
Screen - The prince is a rebel, good with arrows, and loves Snow from afar.

Script - The Huntsman has a long back story about a white wolf (owned by the Queen) killing his wife.  The queen offers the Huntsman revenge on the wolf if he gathers Snow from the dark forest.
Screen - The Huntsman's wife was youth-stolen by the Queen.  The Queen offers to bring her back to life if he gathers Snow, which is an easily exposed lie (exposed too soon if you ask me).

Script - Snow kills the Queen with a shard from the hall of mirrors that the Queen shattered to form her temporary glass army.
Screen - Snow kills the Queen with a knife.  And the fair blood in her veins, I guess.

Some changes were good, some maybe not so good, but finding the differences is always an interesting exercise in critical thinking in storytelling.

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