Saturday, May 5, 2012

writing and psych - logophobia and synesthesia

I recently read We Others by Steven Millhauser, a collection of his
short stories.  One of them (History of a Disturbance) has to do with
words, a man who comes to think they are unnecessary, even evil, and
that silence is better and truer, offering a new way of life.

This isn't true I'm sure, but it's possible a story like History of a 
Disturbance could be inspired by a psychological condition. 
Logophobia is the word - a fear of words or speaking.

A few weeks ago I read a short story called The Empire of Ice Cream
by Jeffrey Ford.  The whole story is based on a condition called Synesthesia. 

Again and again, psychological phenomena can inspire some wonderful,
fantastical stories.

Illustration found here.

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